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Below are links to online planholders lists, current and future project lists and resources to help you find the projects you are interested in. Not all agencies post this information, but the listing below provides a comprehensive list of the major public owners in our area:


Planning & Bidding Information

City of Spokane – Engineering Services 2010 Construction Projects.

Spokane County – Links to both current and upcoming projects.

Spokane International Airport – See a list of current projects.

District 81 - Upcoming projects

Department of General Administration Current and upcoming project list. See also current advertised projects.

Washington State Department of Transportation Current and upcoming project list.

Idaho Dept of Transportation - Current projects, planholders lists and bid results.

Montana Dept of Transportation - Current projects, planholders lists and bid results.

Oregon Dept of Transportation - Current projects, planholders lists and bid results.

Department of Natural Resources - Current projects, planholders lists and bid results.


Engineering and Architectural Services Construction and Public Works - Upcoming Projects

Schools – The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) maintains a list of projects by county, school district and school that are receiving state matching funds.

Washington State University Current and upcoming project list.

Eastern Washington University – View links on their construction & planning page or view a list of current and upcoming projects.

McGraw Hill Construction DodgeMcGraw-Hill Construction offers an online plans center at a discounted rate to Inland Northwest AGC members, as well as discounts on many other services to help build your business.

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce – DJC posts scores of Requests for Bids and Sub-bids in both its print and online versions, updated daily. Plus, DJC offers an on-line plan center with a variety of membership options.

FedBizOps.Gov – The single point-of-entry for federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. It can be a complex system to wade through, so here’s a suggested way to start: On the homepage, on the left in the Buyers/Engineers box, click “View Opportunities”. Once on that page, enter “Washington” (or another state) in the “Place of Performance, State” box. Then click “Search” for a list of construction opportunities – from Forest Service Roads to Federal Buildings to Military Facilities – in that state.

Economic News and Forecasts

AGC of America Construction Economics – AGC of America produces a variety of materials and resources for tracking construction economic information.

AIA Consensus Forecast – Twice a year, AIA assembles a panel to provide a consensus forecast of nonresidential construction activity over the upcoming six months

Architecture Billings Index (ABI) – Produced monthly by AIA, the ABI serves as a leading economic indicator that leads nonresidential construction activity by approximately 9-12 months. Look for “Current Issue” for the most recent report

McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics - McGraw-Hill Construction is the premier provider of construction analysis, forecasts and trends.

If you would like to add your link to this website or suggest a link, please contact Mary Tantriella at the AGC.



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