AGC Group RETRO Program

Year in and year out, AGC Group Retro is a leader in returning money to members.

AGC Group Retro is a retrospective rating program. These are incentive-based programs, approved by the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I), which provide employers an opportunity to receive a substantial refund of their industrial insurance premiums.


With features that include hands-on claims management assistance, one-of-a-kind return-to-work services, stringent underwriting criteria and more, AGC Group Retro is the state's best value workers' comp program:

  • Average premium refunds of nearly 60% over the last 16 years
  • The lowest administrative costs among workers’ comp retrospective rating programs
  • An industry-best 99% member retention rate.

Free Analysis
If your firm isn’t in the AGC Group Retro Program, why not take a few minutes to fill out this Free Analysis form to find out how your company would have performed in AGC’s Retro plan


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