Safety Video Library

Safety Topics:


General Safety

Job Safety Analysis: A Blueprint for Success. 20 min.

Heightened Awareness: Fall Protection Safety. 25 min.

Load Securment: Know Before You Go. 20 min.

Getting the Job Done Safely: Worker Orientation. 20 min.

Soft Tissue Injury Prevention Video. 20 min.

Safety: The Bottom Line Video. 20 min.

Electrical Safety for the Construction Worker.

Health Hazards in Highway Construction Safety. 16 min


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 16 min.

Silica Exposure: It Can Leave You Breathless. 14 min.


Fall Protection & Scaffolding

Putting It All Together: Scaffold Safety. 15 min.

Rolling Tower: Mobile Scaffold Safety. 12 min.

Take the Steps: Stairway & Ladder Safety. 15 min.


Tool Box Safety Talks

Tool Box Safety Talks. 2 hours. 30 Titles including:

  • Chemical Safety
  • Compressed Gas Safety
  • Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Crane Signals
  • Cut-off Saw
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Eye & Face Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Head Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Ladder Safety
  • Laser Safety
  • Power Actuated Tool Safety
  • Safety with Crane Rigging
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation
  • Traffic Control
  • Warning Signs
  • Working around Carbon Monoxide
  • Working Around Construction Equipment Safely
  • Working Around High Voltage
  • Working Safely Around Explosives
  • Working Safely with Scaffolding


Excavation & Trenching

In the Trenches: Excavation Safety for Workers. 14 min.

Safety During Renovation & Demolition Operations. 14 min.

On Solid Ground: Safe Excavation & Trenching. 18 min.


Crane & Derricks

Above The Hook: Wire Rope. 14 min.

Controlling the Load: Crane Rigging Safety. 14 min.

Mobile Crane Setup. 18 min.


Equipment & Materials

On The Go: Forklift Safety. 17 min.

Power and Hand Tool Safety. 14 min.

Think Ahead: Driver’s Safety. 14 min.


Hazardous Materials

Clearing the Air: Confined Space. 16 min.

Hazard Communication: The Message is Safety. 14 min.

Within Safe Limits: Preventing Asbestos Exposure. 15 min.


Checkout Procedures:

The following procedures detail the Inland Northwest AGC’s media check-out policy:

The AGC Video Library is available for use by members only.

  • Reservations are necessary to ensure availability. For your convenience, all requests should be made as far in advance as possible by calling AGC at (509) 535-0391.
  • Videos may be checked out for a period of one week at any given time. Videos must be returned to the AGC office by the agreed due date.
  • Borrowers wishing to extend the time period be­yond one week must first contact the AGC office to ensure the continued availability of the video. No video may be kept more than two weeks.
  • Videos may not be transferred to another firm without permission from the AGC.
  • To accommodate the scheduling needs of all firms, any borrower failing to return a video on the day stipulated will be charged a $10.00 rental fee for each day the video is late.
  • All borrowers will be responsible for any vid­eo damage beyond reasonable wear and will be charged for replacement resulting from such dam­age.
  • If you borrow a video and do not return it, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR REPLACEMENT! (Average price for these videos is approximately $150 each)


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