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  • September is Construction Suicide Prevention Month!

    Construction Suicide Prevention Week

    September 5-9, 2022

    Mental health and suicide are major issues facing the construction industry today. What can you do this year to help? Read on to find out how you can participate and observe Construction Suicide Prevention Week in 2022.

    1. Register. 

    Commit your organization to participating in Construction Suicide Prevention Week now. Register below with how you plan to participate, and you’ll receive an OSHA-recognized, industry-endorsed certificate of participation and an electronic badge to use on your website.

    Register with www.constructionsuicideprevention.com.

    2. Host Toolbox Talks. 

    Set aside 20 minutes per day per job site to share resources or participate in an activity. This time is invaluable - it could save the life of someone on your crew. See the links below for daily topic options. 

    Sept. 6

    Suicide awareness

    Suicide Awareness Toolbox Talk

    Sept. 7

    Reduce the Stigma

    Reduce the Stigma Toolbox Talk

    Sept. 8

    Recognizing Warning Signs

    Recognize the Warning Signs Toolbox Talk

    Sept. 9

    Starting the Conversation

    Starting the Conversation

    Toolbox Talk

    3. Join Us.

    The Inland Northwest AGC will be hosting a no-cost Construction Suicide Prevention Workshop on September 14 at 3:30 p.m. This one-hour in-person workshop, "Starting the Conversation - Let's Talk Suicide" will discuss how to have these vital conversations and share community resources with attendees. The workshop will be led by Melody Youker, Chair oc the Prevent Suicide Spokane Coalition, a local organization working to reduce suicide attempts and rates in our region, and Sabrina Votavo, President of Failsafe For Life, the region's foremost suicide prevention non-profit. To assist us in hosting this event, please RSVP to stalbot@nwagc.org

    Take the Next Step

    • Include information about Construction Suicide Prevention Week in your Monday safety briefing. 
    • Gather home office staff for a stand-down event and moment of silence.
    • Designate an employe to represent your company on the AGC's Construction Culture Committee.
    • Find more Toolbox Talk options below, and at this helpful link.



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