• AGC Education Center

  • The AGC Education Center is a non-profit Accredited Training and Education Facility through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). The Education Center provides a wide range of educational programs aimed at all segments of the construction industry. We provide training to participants that work on the job site as laborers, foremen and superintendents, in the office as project managers, schedulers and estimators, as well as company executives.


    Our organization has provided safety and health certification and training programs, as well as professional consul­tation since 1921. Our AGC Chapter has many years’ experience assisting employers to create safer projects that reduce accidents and lower insurance rates, as well as improve job site productivity and worker morale.


    Our courses are designed and delivered to adult participants at every level of company operations. Skills learned at our institution are specifically designed to provide the necessary knowledge and develop a highly skilled, conscien­tious and safe employee,


    We pride ourselves on keeping our courses in time with the latest techniques and technologies available in the industry. Our excellent multimedia classroom facilities provide for unique, effectual, and dynamic presentations from the most qualified instructors in the industry.