• Safety Toolbox

  • Welcome to the AGC Safety Toolbox. This page contains many of the resources and links that you need to supplement your company safety program. Combined with the expertise of our Safety Director, your AGC provides all the tools you need to provide a safe workplace for your employees.

  • Safety Plan

    Labor & Industries Sample APP

    AGC Safety Plan Components (Coming Soon)

    • Sample Company Safety Policy Letter
    • Responsibilities
    • Safety Disciplinary Policy
    • Procedure for Reporting Injury or Illness on the Job
    • Basic Rules for Accident Investigation
    • Safety Bulletin Board Information
    • First Aid Training, Kits and Posters
    • First Aid Procedures in Construction
    • Work Crew Safety Meetings
    • Construction Safety Meeting Topic Suggestions
    • How to Hold a Good Safety Meeting
    • Walk-around Safety Inspections
    • General Safety Rules for Construction
    • Ladder Safety Rules
    • Fall Protection Safety Rules
    • Trenching and Excavating
    • Scaffold Safety Rules
    • Motorized Vehicles and Equipment
    • Material Handling Safety Guidelines
    • Lockout/Tagout Checklist
    • Welding and Cutting Safety Rules
    • Hazard Communication Program
    • Respirator Program
    • Hearing Conservation Program
    • Heat Stress (Heat Illness)
    • Confined Space
    • Appendixes:
      • Employee Orientation Checklist
      • Employee’s Report of Injury Form
      • Incident Investigation Report Form
      • Crew Leader Safety Meeting Form
      • Safety Meeting Notice
      • Fall Protection Work Plan – Sample One
      • Fall Protection Work Plan – Sample Two
      • Fall Protection Training Guide for Employees
      • Construction Self-inspection Guide
      • Safety and Health Inspection Checklist – Sample One
      • Safety and Health Inspection Checklist – Sample Two
      • Equipment Safety Inspection Checklist
      • Job Safety Analysis Worksheet
      • Written Hazard Communication Program
      • Hazard Communication Checklist
      • Hazardous Substances - Employee Orientation Checklist
  • Safety Links


    Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) Regulations and use the “Search” option in upper right corner to find many topics from their Safety Video Library to questions on specific regulations, current hot topics, safety numbers and sample safety plans. 


    Magazine for the National Safety Council.  Lots of commentary on current safety topics.


    OSHA Construction page.  OSHA has developed this webpage to provide workers and employers useful, up-to-date information on the Construction Industry. For other valuable worker protection information, such as Workers' Rights, Employer Responsibilities and other services OSHA offers, read OSHA's Workers' page.


    University of Washington OSHA Outreach Center listing training available for required trainings as well as certificates for developing your own in-house safety people.


    Certification courses for growing your own certified safety professionals.  No degree required for many of the certifications.


    American Society of Safety Engineers website.  Resources for specific safety topics with books to purchase.


    British Columbia safety website similar to OSHA, however much more user friendly and many safety topics, articles and advice. Lots of good information.  Of course, Canadian written, however, safety is safety!



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