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    Since 1921, leaders in the construction industry have turned to the AGC to help improve their bottom line and achieve personal success. If you’re looking for access to new markets, programs to help improve your productivity, or the political clout necessary to protect your interests, then you should take a look at what the AGC has to offer. Membership in the AGC brings you the industries best and most complete array of services, all designed to provide a profitable return on your investment.

    The AGC represents the entire construction industry, union and open shop contractors, both large and small building contractors, the nation’s leading transportation and infrastructure contractors, sub and specialty contractors and the suppliers and professional services firms that work directly with the industry. With over 380 members locally and 29,000 members nationally, we are the region’s largest commercial construction association.



    State and local government lobbying through professional staff in Washington, D.C., Olympia and throughout the state.


    Save money through our exclusive discount programs and member-to-member deals!


    The AGC is the leading provider of safety and management training for the construction industry.


    Valuable networking opportunities with members from all aspects of the construction industry

  • When you join AGC, you’re not just joining an association; you’re enlisting the support of our dedicated local staff and 65 national staff members. With years of combined experience in the construction industry, we are able to offer you experience, expertise and knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else.


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    “One voice is seldom heard, but as an association, AGC speaks as a chorus with volume and clout to secure funding for our market and to mitigate the regulatory issues that are so burdensome to our industry.” ~ Tom Stewart ǀ President ǀ Frank Gurney, Inc.


  • Building A Better Industry.

    Since 1918, contractors throughout the country have relied on AGC to support their businesses, find new projects, and help shape the laws impacting the industry. Join your local AGC Chapter today and start building a more profitable future for your business.

    Find Work. Save Money. Build Better.