• Membership Information

    The Inland Northwest AGC cordially invites your firm to become a member of the region's oldest and largest construction trade association, now more than 395 member firms strong.

    Membership Categories

    The Inland Northwest AGC has 3 basic membership categories. Please review the descriptions below to determine which category best describes your company.  All new member dues will be prorated for the remainder of the calendar year and may be paid by check or Visa/MasterCard.  At least 50% of first year dues must be paid with application. Upon renewal, members may elect to pay their dues annually or quarterly (General Contractor members may elect to pay dues monthly).

    All membership dues include membership with the AGC of America in addition to your local chapter.

  • General Contractors

    A General Contractor is defined as any individual or business entity that contracts to perform construction work in its entirety and which executes such work in whole or in part with its own construction forces. General Contractor member firms annual dues are based on the company’s gross volume for the previous year.

    Gross Volume  2023 Dues
     Under $2 million  $2,500
     $2 to 4.99 million  $5,000
     $5 to 9.99 million  $7,500
     $10 to 14.99 million  $10,500
     $15 to 29.99 million  $13,750
     $30 to 44.99 million  $16,275
    Over $45 million  $18,550
  • Construction Employers

    (Subcontractors or Specialty Contractors)

    Construction Employer member firms are defined as construction firms performing less than 25% of their total company volume as a prime bidder or general contractor and who employ on-site labor. Construction Employer member firms annual dues are based on the company’s gross volume for the previous year.

    The dues schedule for Construction Employer firms is as follows:

    Gross Volume 2023 Dues
    Under $1 million $1,500
     $1 to 2.499 million $2,250
     $2.5 to 4.99 million $3,200
     $5 to 9.99 million $4,250
     $10 to 20 million $5,500
     Over $20 million $7,250


  • Associates

    (Suppliers & Service Providers)

    Associate member firms are those individual or businesses who are not general contractors or construction employers and who do not employ on-site labor. Associate member firms pay annual dues at the rate of $1,000.



  • Small Business Introductory Rate

    The AGC is pleased to offer a Small Business Introductory rate of $450 for new DBE firms. This is designed for those smaller companies that have not been a part of the AGC in the past but would benefit by having access to our resources for training, safety and networking. 
    To qualify for the introductory rate, all of the following must apply:
    • The company must be certified through the Office of Minority & Women-Owned Business Enterprises or have submitted an application for approval.
    • The company is not, nor has been during the previous three years, a member of any AGC chapter.
    Please contact Chelsea Barton for more information.
  • North Idaho Joint Membership

    We are excited to announce a new and exciting opportunity for our members in north Idaho. Effective January 1, 2018, members located in the 10 northern counties of Idaho are eligible to receive full member benefits in both chapters for one price. These members will enjoy access to the great services of the Inland Northwest AGC, including safety, education, apprenticeship, networking events and more, as well as the Idaho AGC’s online plan room, health plan, advocacy efforts and other member benefits.

    Companies must be headquartered in one of these counties to qualify. Please contact Chelsea Barton for more information and a schedule of dues.