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Safety Awards

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Dean Thoemke

Director of Safety


Be Regonized for Your Safe Practices!

Safety in construction is of paramount importance, serving as the foundation for a productive and responsible industry. Prioritizing safety ensures the well-being of workers, reduces the risk of accidents, and fosters a culture of vigilance and care. Demonstrating a commitment to safety can also lead to prestigious recognition for both companies and individuals, with local and national awards highlighting exemplary practices and achievements. Earning these accolades not only honors the dedication to maintaining high safety standards but also elevates a company's reputation, attracting clients and skilled professionals who value a secure working environment.

Annual National NASA Safety Awards

Since 1926, the National AGC Safety Awards (NASA) program has been an ongoing effort to offer AGC members an opportunity to evaluate their safety record and recognize AGC members for their safety excellence. NASA compares a member's safety record with other AGC members according to the member size and construction type. Additionally, NASA provides a great opportunity for contractor members with excellent safety records  to compete for nationally-recognized awards.

National AGC Safety Awards

Due Date: 2025

Safety Awards Information

Application Form

Division Descriptions

Companies must be current AGC members to participate in this awards program.

Annual Tom Mauer Safety Award

The Tom Mauer Safety Award was established by the Inland Northwest AGC Board of Directors to be given to an individual and/or company with accomplished safety program of commitment from the top down. This is who Tom Mauer was. He developed a first-class safety program utilizing the talents of many, was very active in the AGC Safety Committee and Chapter activities, and was a respected and respectful leader in his field, and we recognize like-minded companies and individuals in his honor.

Tom Mauer Safety Award

Due Date: June 5, 2024


Printable Application Form

The individual and/or company must be active in the AGC Safety Committee and must actively assist the Inland Northwest AGC Chapter, AGC members and Safety Directors in the betterment of their safety programs.

The individual and/or company must be a leader in the field of jobsite safety, respectful of others and serve the needs of others with humility.

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