• Safety Services

    In today’s work environment, you can’t afford not to have a safety program in place at the company office, shop or work site.  Safety is one of the most important areas you will invest in, for both yourself and your employees.  Safer job sites equal increased employee morale and decreased worker compensation and insurance costs.

    How do you create a safe work environment that meets or exceeds all of the state and federal standards? 

    Let the experience of the Inland Northwest AGC go to work for you:

    • Decrease work site accidents and injuries
    • Create a safer work environment
    • Comply with Washington Industrial Safety and Health Administrations (WISHA)Occupational Safety & Health Administrations (OSHA) and Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) standards
    • Save money through lower insurance rates and fewer injury claims

    All AGC members will receive the following safety services as part of their AGC membership.  Training and additional consultation services may be purchased at discounted rates: 

    • Annual AGC Safety Team Audit Qualifications Review w/Consultation
    • Annual Review of Company Accident Prevention Program
    • Annual AGCA Safety Awards Application Review
    • Member of the AGC Safety Committee
    • Free access to AGC Safety & Health Video and Resource Library
    • Unlimited Telephone Consultation Time